Touwsberg Private Game and Nature Reserve

Settled in the Klein Karoo, next to the R62, this piece of heaven is surrounded by amazing nature, free roaming game and mountain ranges.

The Game Reserve presents a rapidly disappearing quality lifestyle as well as security and privacy combined with unrestricted adventure against the southern slopes of the spectacular Touwsberg range.

7000 hectares of the most spectacular panoramas and vast Little Karoo landscapes, form the Touwsberg Private Game Reserve and Nature Reserve and we are proud to be able to offer a piece of this paradise for you to enjoy.

Accommodation options are also on offer for a perfect hideaway over a weekend or just a quick break from the city.

Notably, this particular Nature Reserve is blessed with and abnormal underground water supply and so has on offer an abundance of crystal-clear drinking water, flora and wildlife in self-contained biological and geological eco-systems.

The Flora on the Reserve is a combination of typical Karoo Fynbos and succulents that offer an excellent natural home to smaller game, such as klipspringer, steenbok, duiker and springbok as well as larger game, like the Giraffe, Cape mountain zebra, red hartebeest, kudu, eland, gemsbok (oryx) and black wildebeest.  

The Reserve also hosts natural predators like the leopard, caracal (rooikat) and jackal, supported by the black eagle, owl and falcon.  Among the more than 160 bird species are lapwings, kori bustards and Egyptian geese, which maintain the ecological balance.  Honeybush Tea and a variety of proteas, erica and gladioli are some of the species of flora to be found naturally in the mountains.

This sub-region of the Klein Karoo has one of the richest concentrations of succulent plants in the world.  A distinctive characteristic of this ecological game reserve is the predominance of dwarf shrubs with succulent leaves.  These distinct floral areas are part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, which is designated as one of the earth’s six plant kingdoms. 

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Climate at Touwsberg Nature Reserve and Game Reserve in the Klein Karoo

The drier climate of the Karoo is conducive to physical and mental wellness. The natural Karoo air is famous for its ability to treat and restore respiratory problems.

The summer and winter rainfall combined ranges between 250 and 400mm per annum. The arrival of the rain is announced by both animal and the easterly wind.

Clear sunny days, unmatched in these times of urban pollution, secure maximum daytime for adventure and favourable temperatures varying between 16 and 35oC ensure cloudless night skies for day’s end respite.

The Touwsberg lifestyle in the Klein Karoo

  • Game watching activities at night and day

  • 4X4 routes to the most breathtaking panoramic views and an endless network of mountain bike trails

  • Numerous ideal locations for bird watching

  • Constant interaction with wild and free-roaming game with one of the biggest herds of the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra 

  • Hiking trails in the mountain slopes and vast Karoo landscapes

  • Adventurous and like-minded, nature-loving fellow resident owners

  • A permanent water stream and dams for water related activities

  • Isolated properties spread over 7000ha for maximum privacy in a self-sustainable environment

Watch the videos below to see and hear more of our wonderful reserve